Wednesday, 16 November 2016

If You Struggle with Christmas Spirit, This May Be the Answer

Yesterday I set up the Christmas decorations, which is actually later than usual for me, and have been thinking a lot about the Christmas spirit.

Or my lack of it.

It seems Christmas just sneaks up on me, and I am more preocupied with the stress of gifts and being prepared, than celebrating Advent and anticipating the coming of Christ.

Bad Timing?

Knowing this is not how I want to spend my Advent, I decided to see if my favourite Catholic blogger had any words of wisdom, and  came across her posts on how she celebrates Christmas with her family.

In their household, the actually do not celebrate Christmas until the actual feast day, the twenty fifth of December, and their Christmas celebrations continue until Epiphany, which is January sixth.

Now, I am all for making Jesus the reason for the season. I would even admit the reason I have such a hard time reconciling my Christmas spirit with the season is because, like all society nowadays, I am trying to manufacture the spirit before it is time.

But to not set up decorations, listen to carols, holiday shop - the Christmas traditions everyone else is
doing come November, until after Christmas eve, seems a little fanatical, does it not?

Something to Think About

Yet, even as I grapple with the idea, it has a ring of truth to it.

Tharin and I agree with not celebrating Easter until Easter Sunday, keeping our Lenten fasts until then, even when many people break their fasts on the Saturday.

If I do not argue holding off the Easter celebrations until that feast day, why would I think to argue this one?

I doubt we will make such a drastic leap, but do feel it is important to continue celebrating the Christmas season until Epiphany, keeping our tree up though most everyone seems to take it down as soon as possible. Still listening to carols.

While this is just some food for thought, Tharin and I have discussed some of the special traditions we would like to create in our family.

Thank you for reading. Have you ever heard of not celebrating Christmas until the feast of Christ's birth?

God bless,

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