Thursday, 24 November 2016

My First Steps in Preparing Our Montessori Home Environment

I have been putting a lot of effort into setting out house up with my children in mind, preparing the environment as Montessori describes it, and thought I would give a little tour of each area.

Our Current Montessori Kitchen Space

In the kitchen, we have a tall shelf which I have designated as his kitchen station.

It does not get used as much as I think it will when he is a little older. This is to be expected.

As a side note, part of preparing the Montessori environment is in providing children with the appropriate spaces and materials and then allowing them to respond to the environment according to their specific needs.

At this time, Jerome is not as interested in helping in the kitchen as he is in movement and imaginary play.

I respect that.

The shelf in our kitchen which is at his level is left free for him to use as a surface for practical life, such as cutting his banana or scooping his own yogurt.

He has access to a water dispenser on the bottom shelf of his kitchen station which he almost never uses.

Aside from this area, he also has a drawer for his kitchen tools and dishes.

Our Living Area

In our living room we have a large shelf which is mostly set up with materials for him to choose independently. I rotate these materials when I feel they are not getting as much use, or approximately every two weeks. 

Currently, he has

  • Christmas books
  • some musical instruments
  • an open-close basket
  • a discovery basket
  • some little Christmas figures
  • some tools with nuts and bolts
  • a size sorting puzzle 

He always has access to a basket of cars, a basket of books, and something for building - currently the Bristle blocks, and these are the things that get the most use.

On the higher shelves of the living room and kitchen stations, I have activities I do not like him to do on his own (I talk about our works in our not very Montessori box in a separate post). He knows if he wants something from higher up he needs to ask me, and is good at communicating what he wants.

Montessori in our Bathroom

In the bathroom, I have a basket for underwear, paired with a book we read when he is sitting on the potty. Beside this are his potty and a stool he can use to reach the sink.

In the cupboard, he has a hand towel, his toothbrush, and his hairbrush. I keep his toothpaste separately. When bathing, he is free to wash with the body wash we use for him but has not shown a lot of interest in this so far.

The Entry Way

Jerome has hooks for his jackets and sweaters along one wall of the entry way and knows to line his shoes and boots up underneath. 

Aside from this he has a simple basket in which to place his hats and gloves.

As of now, those are our Montessori spaces in our home.

I am still figuring a lot of it out as we go, and am sure it will continue changing as I learn more. I am confident it is right for our family, and enthusiastically research and learn more every day. 

Hope you all have a great weekend,

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