Saturday, 10 December 2016

Five Ways A Night Owl Can Become a Morning Person

Following my confession about how bad my morning routine has gotten, I wanted to share some research and resolutions I have made to try and kick my bad habits.

So here are five ways I intend to become a better morning person:

1. Getting off My Phone

Having my phone by the bed tempts me to stay up later, as I often do a lot of thinking right before bed, and end up reseraching, or distracting myself, with my phone.

This, of course, only contributes to the vicious cycle, as it only makes me more awake and gives me more to think about.

It is reccomended that we have an hour of screen-free time before bed, and have found that reading for atleast a few minutes before bed is a much more effective way to wind down before sleep.

My goal is to plug my phone in across the room from where our bed is, and jump into some of the books I have been meaning to read.

2. The Reverse Snooze

As I use my phone for an alarm clock, plugging it in across the room will also help in the morning.

I read about the reverse snooze here: getting up to press snooze and telling yourself you can get back into bed if you still feel tired when the alarm goes off again.

I think this will be effective for me, as my biggest problem is hitting snooze and going back to sleep. If I get up right away and start my day, I often feel much more energetic than when I spend my morning hitting snooze and dozing in and out of sleep.

3. Having a Nighttime Routine

I have read a bit about how setting a nighttime routine helps our body know to wind down, and plan on regimenting myself in this area.

It works for our children, so why wouldn't it work for us?

Getting myself ready for bed with some self care, and maybe preparing a few things for the morning, like clothes for me and the boys, and breakfast, and then giving myself some time to read, will help me to get into the habit of that hour of screen-free time before bed.

4. Setting a Motive

If you are like me, especially my fellow stay at home moms, there have been mornings where you wake up before the kids but then spend that time wondering what to do with yourself.

Or accidentally waste it on your phone.

My friend shared with me that she has tricked herself into being a morning person by planning out exactly what she is going to do when she wakes up in the morning, and getting herself excited about it.

This can be as simple as just sitting down with a cup of hot coffee and enjoying it in peace, a rare commodity for us moms.

But I think I am going to use it to start out my day with a few productive, but quiet, tasks. I read about how our minds are most alert and creative first thing in the morning, so I intend to use ten to fifteen minutes each morning writing.

5. Exercising first Thing

Apparently first thing in the morning is when we have the most willpower, so this is when I hope to do my Pilates.

I know how much more motivated and energized I feel after exercising, and anticipate this to be the best way to use my morning.

Pilates is also extremely helpful in putting me in a peaceful and self-regulated mindset, and know this will help set me up to parent positively throughout the day.

With these strategies in place, I hope to see huge improvements in this area. As you may know from reading my post on how my mornings set my day up for success or failure, this is not a small matter.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. And if you are interested in following along in our daily adventures, follow us on Instagram where I post daily.

God bless, 
Olivia Fischer

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