Friday, 9 December 2016

Why Morning is the Most Important Time of the Day

I thought I would write about my morning routines, or lack thereof, as I have been thinking a lot about how my morning sets me up for success or for failure, depending on how it goes.

The Kind of Day an Early Morning Sets Me Up For:

I wake up with my seven o'clock alarm. Or even better, and more rare, my six thirty one.

This gives me time to visit with Tharin before he leaves for work, to tidy up, make a coffee, pray. 

By the time Jerome wakes up, usually around eight, I am in a peaceful state of mind, caffeinated, and ready to take on the two-year-old. His day starts better as there are no tears as he waits for me to get him, and I change his diaper right away so there is more of a chance for him to use the potty first thing.

Before the kids get up, I might even find time to get dressed in real clothes. Brush my hair. Go through my day not looking like a sleep deprived ogre.

Breakfast goes more smoothly, as I have likely already started something before Jerome leaves his room.

But, the most significant outcome of getting up earlier is the motivation. On those days, I get laundry done mid-morning or vacuum the entire house including all the rogue popcorn that has gone to live under the couches.

We have time to do a bigger activity like play dough, and the kids get more quality time with me.

The Kind of Day a Later Morning Sets Me Up For:

Now I am going to be brutally honest about my late mornings, and trust me on this, it does not paint a pretty picture. 

I hit snooze eighteen times, I bring Benedict into bed with me, and then Jerome and the entire contents of his room. Jerome spends the entire time I am trying to squeeze in some extra moments of sleep climbing on Benedict, dropping things on our heads, bringing more stuff into the bed, and foraging for food in the kitchen.

I literally get maybe twenty more minutes of interrupted sleep if I go this route in the morning. 

Some of the things that ended up in my bed this morning.
Not pictured: his pillow, his blankie, his comforter,
all the other books and cars, and his potty.
When we do get out of bed, I am already frustrated with him, and most of all, with myself.

My entire day will feel like a game of catch up. An uphill battle to find the motivation to pray, do my daily laundry and whatever else is needing to be done that day.

On these days I am more likely to feed everyone cereal, meaning that Jerome is hungry and looking for snacks sooner.

I am more likely to count down the hours until morning nap feeling unenergetic and doing little else than reading books and scrolling Instagram. And ironically, on these days, I am more likely to need a nap while the boys are napping.

I told you it wasn't pretty.

What I Intend to Do About It

The contrast between having a morning routine and not is, very honestly, that startling. 

This is really hard for me to share because I really do not want to be the kind of person that struggles so much with this, but I am. But we all have our struggles, and this is honestly one of mine.

Now that I have admitted to this, it is obvious I need to get myself into some better habits. To read about some of my goals to combat this bad habit, read my post Five Ways a Night Owl can Become a Morning Person.

What are some of your favourite ways to switch from being a late riser to being an early riser?

If you have any advice or comments, please feel free to contact me. And if you are interested in following along in our daily adventures, follow us on Instagram where I post daily.

God bless,
Olivia Fischer.

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  1. I just listened to a podcast about this by Allie Casazza that was so good! It is so rare that I wake up before Rose haha...