Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24 Things I am Grateful for On my 24th Birthday

Seeing as today is my twenty-fourth birthday - my champagne birthday, actually, I thought I would write a post on twenty-four things I am thankful for this year. It has been a great year, one filled with a lot of changes and surprises, but, thankfully, a lot of constants as well.

1. Tharin, my husband and my rock. I am so grateful to have him as my support through everything in life, especially parenting. He is such a perfect yin to my yang. I could gush on and on about how great he is, but I've done that on here before, so if you want to hear all about it, I'll let you do that.

2. Jerome, my sweet first born. He is such a source of joy and laughter in my life & I am so thankful for how forgiving he is of my mistakes, after all, he is my guinea pig and there are a lot of them.

3. Benedict, my joy-child. He has brought so much light to our lives & I am so grateful for his little voice saying, "mommy" and the perpetual smile he has on his face. My kids are my joy and my purpose, and I am so incredibly thankful for them.

4. Our third musketeer, the wiggly baby I hold so close to my heart. We are so fortunate to have gotten pregnant three times, even if they have been very close together, and I am so in love with this baby already.

5. My healthy pregnancy. I try not to take for granted how fortunate I am to have such uncomplicated and low-risk pregnancies. Along with this I am grateful for my midwife and for feeling so taken care of along the journey of my pregnancy.

6. The health of my family. I also try not to take for granted that each of us are so healthy, minus a few bumps and bruises along the way (ehem, a broken leg for four months).

7. Our home, even though I prayed a lot for it to sell this year. It has been such a blessing in disguise to have this home as a constant in a year of changes. I am grateful for how I have been able to make this house a comfortable and peaceful home for our family to flourish and grow in.

8. My faith and the freedom to live it. Without my faith there are so many things I would not be able to face so gracefully, it is such a source of peace, of comfort, and of joy.

9. My parents and the support they have given me throughout my life. They always gave me the sense I was capable of doing anything I set my mind to, and I know I owe so much of who I am to their love and guidance. My boys are so blessed to have them in their lives.

10. My in-laws. Honestly, I am so deeply grateful to them for the son they raised, for the values they instilled in him, and for the unfaltering support and love they continuously shower on our family. My boys are so blessed to have them as grandparents.

11. Emilie, my dear sister. I had to single her out, because a day does not go by that I am not eternally grateful for her. There is no one who gets me the way she does, and no one I rely on in the way I rely on her.

12. Good friends. There has never been a time in my life I have not been surrounded by a fantastic network of friends who support and love me. I wanted to especially mention Alicia, Brielle and Abigail.

13. Montessori. Yes, I am so thankful for all Montessori has added to our lives, to my understanding of my children & our parenting journey.

14. Tharin's job which supports us and allows us to have Tharin home more than a typical job. I am also so thankful for the purposefulness it brings to Tharins life, I see him living with so much more joy and enthusiasm than he did in his trade.

15. Laughter. Especially because I am married to my best friend and we make each other laugh so much each day. 

16. The ability to be a stay-at-home mom. Some days it is really difficult to feel purposeful, but I try to be thankful for the privilege of staying home and getting to be the one to watch our boys learn and grow and experience the world day-to-day.

17. Morning coffee and the little joys of life.

18. Great music. On the days when I am feeling most out of sorts, music is sometimes the one thing that can pull me out of it. Special mention of Need to Breathe, All Sons and Daughters, and I Am They.

19. Love of writing and the ability to pour this love into my blog. I have loved writing my entire life, and I am so thankful for this outlet and the community I have found here.

20. Learning from mistakes because honestly, where would I be if I was stuck making the same mistakes and never growing?

21. Showers, because when I have no idea how to do the whole self-care thing, at least I always have showers which never fail to make me feel like a goddess.

22. The kindness of strangers. Even though I have a lot going on with the whole two under three thing, and a big old pregnant belly, I have never once had anyone say anything negative or rude towards me or my family. I know that is not the case for a lot of moms and I am really grateful for that.

23. Having more than we need. I look around my house and think about all we are able to have, and I know we are blessed more abundantly than we really need. In this, I see the overflowing love and blessing of God, taking care of our needs and so much more.

Thank you so much for reading. Last of all, I am thankful for you. Without you reading I would just be out here talking to myself, so you are kind of essential, really. And there we have it. 

God bless,

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