Thursday, 5 April 2018

Benedict Loren: Two Years Old

Today we celebrate the birthday of our sweet Benedict Loren. 

I wanted to share the month-by-month pictures I took of him in his first year, as I have been looking back at them in the past few weeks and honestly wondering were the time has gone. Especially since Ignatius has been wearing many of the outfits I so vividly remember Benedict in.

The other day we were at the doctor's office and I asked Benedict what color his sweater was, fully expecting him to say blue, as it was a day for everything to be blue that day. 

Chicken, he replied, gleefully.

Sure enough, we have called his yellow, knit sweater his chicken sweater in the past, and he remembered.

That story pretty much sums up our son. He is whip smart, talking more than you would ever expect for such a tiny person. He is constantly making us laugh with the adorable things he says, especially because he will say things with a little accent.

He took it away.
I luf you, mummy.
I don't want to -

These are a few of his current catchphrases. No matter how many times he says he loves me, or daddy, or Jome, or Atius, in a day, that little phrase makes my heart melt. He has always been so easy to love, so quick to love, so full to bursting with joy.

I better go before I start bawling over here. 

But first, my little stinky-feeeeet smiler:

Happy Birthday, Benedict! We love you and are so overjoyed that we get to call you our son.

My prayer for you is that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit, that you may develop according to your purpose and that mommy and daddy may be less of us and more of Him. I know you are made for holiness, my little one who danced with the spirit in my womb.

Blessings to everyone this April day,
Olivia Fischer

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