Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Simplest Way to Start Montessori

Raise your hand if you are overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources and materials Montessori seems to require in order for you to do it the right way. Yeah, mine is right up there with you.

Pink towers, didactic materials, trays, shelves. Geometric cabinets, piker triangles.

Wooden toys, little tables in every room of the house. Kitchen tools for little hands.

It is so easy for me to get caught up in the materialism of it, so easy to rack up a wish list of one hundred items, easy. When I first started on this journey, and periodically still, I am so overwhelmed by this aspect of Montessori alone, and feel I cannot move forward.

After all, don’t I need to have the proper prepared environment, the materials Maria Montessori developed from very extensive research, in order to do Montessori justice?

You're Looking at the Wrong Be all, End all

Then I read How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way, and I remembered the reason I first fell in love with Montessori. I hope it will be the reason you love Montessori as well.

No, it was not for the materials, not for the promise that I could potentially raise geniuses.

It was for the deeply profound respect for children, a respect for all they do, which Montessori teaches.

Two of my favourite Maria Montessori quotes on respect are:
Respect all reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.

The first duty of the educator, whether he is involved with the newborn infant or the older child, is to recognize the human personality of the young being and respect it.
So if you have no clue where to start with all the Montessori jargon and the materials and the resources, start there.

Look at your child as a person to respect and you are already more Montessori than you know.

Next week, I will be writing about the Montessori materials and how they translate to Montessori in the home. So, stay tuned.

Thank you so much for reading!

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God bless,
Olivia Fischer