Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Potty Learning with Montessori | Part 3

Over Christmas, we took a break from potty learning, and I was concerned he would have lost the momentum he had gained, but he has been very successful in the past weeks. In fact, he took what felt like a huge leap in the right direction after Christmas when he began allowing me to suggest times he might need to go.

This is a huge deal because I am able to remind him to use the potty before naps and bed, or before leaving somewhere. I am careful to be respectful and pressure him, only intervening when I know it is necessary.

At this point, though we have left the house a few times in underwear, he has consistently held his bladder until we return home, rather than using a public toilet.

His success rate at home is very much affected by wearing pants so I am sure this is a factor in his difficulty out of the house. I know the next step, as I mentioned in my last update, needs to be having him in pants at home.

Trusting Him So He Can Trust Himself

The most exciting development is that he is consistently dry over nap time. I noticed he was holding his bladder for long periods of time, so I prepared his bed and have been allowing him to wear underwear for naps.

This felt like the respectful choice, as he would become very upset when I would change him into a diaper for naps. The transition has been really no pressure, with me not treating it like a big deal, which I think helps him feel comfortable as well.

I felted an old woolen blanket we had by washing it with baby soap, then drying it on high heat a few times, finishing it off by lanolizing it in the tub. It has been working well for us, and I love that I do not have to wash it, I simply air it outside every now and then if I feel it is in need of it.

He is also straight into underwear, instead of using training pants, as I feel it is important for him to feel wetness when he goes, as well as the important aspect of showing him I trust him. I really feel this has encouraged him to trust himself.

Thank you so much for reading. For the rest of Jerome's potty learning journey, check out Part 1 | Part 2 Part 4 | & Part 5

God bless,
Olivia Fischer

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