Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Potty Learning With Montessori | Part 4

Since my last update on potty learning, Jerome is almost one hundred percent successful, aside from bedtime. Accidents still happen, but they are rare, and we do not make a big deal of them.

Potty Learning is a Process

In my last post, I talked about how he was not using the toilet out of our house and not yet comfortable with wearing pants. After writing that post, I realized I was allowing my fear of regression get in the way of allowing him to progress. 

After that post, I started making sure he wore pant for at least a portion of every day, and this has really helped him understand the process from start to finish: sensation, finding the toilet, removing clothing, and controlling his body until he was on the potty.

Soon after he was having success out in public, though I still ask him and pay attention to how long it has been.

Playing at the indoor play place this afternoon - dry all day in underwear,
even though he was so busy playing. 
He is definitely capable of telling me if he does not have to go when I ask him and am learning to trust him, not expecting he is saying no just to get me to stop bugging him about it.

Potty Learning Can Be Completely Natural

I am so glad to have followed the Montessori method of potty learning. I cannot believe how far he has come in such a short time, and how peaceful it has been.
I would definitely suggest this method to any parent who thinks their child is ready to learn. Potty training does not need to be so dreaded, and can in fact, be completely natural, respectful and relatively stress-free. 
If you are interested in reading some of the information that really inspired me, check out this blog and this blog.

Now, of course, to think about night training. But I will need to watch him over the next while to see if he is ready. Until then, I think this is my last potty learning update.

In other news, this guy is only a month shy of one. Where has the time gone? I am loving reading everything Nicole at the Kavanaugh Report has to say, especially about respecting the personhood of babies, and feel my attitude toward Montessori shifting and becoming more natural, especially in regards to my littlest. 

Thank you so much for reading. For the rest of Jerome's potty learning journey, check out Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | & Part 5

God bless,
Olivia Fischer

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