Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Interview with Jerome for His Third Birthday

In honour of Jerome's birthday today, and because I want to make this a birthday tradition, I thought I would do a little interview with him. Here are his exact answers (often with a lot of rephrasing of the questions, and asking many times.)

What's your name? Jerome
How old are you? 2
When is your birthday? Soon mommy
What do you want for your birthday? A cake with racer cars, and blow the candles and take them off. That would be yummy.
How old is Mommy? 2
How old is Daddy? 2
What's your favorite color? Green, I love green
What's your favorite food? Snack, I feed the kitty cat my food
Who's your best friend? Oliver, he brings me outside
What's your favourite show? Racer Cars
What's your favourite song? Itsy Spider and Racer Cars
What's your favorite animal? Lion and Elephant
What are you scared of? Monsters that jump into my jammies (I'm assuming this is from the Veggie Tales song)
What makes you happy? My marshmallows and milk (He's having a mug of hot chocolate)
Where's your favorite place to GO? Gramma and Grampa's house over there
What do you want to be when you grow up? A baby like Benedict
What's mommy's favourite thing to do? Play a song with daddy
What's daddy's favorite thing to do? Play the banjo, I want daddy to do that
What is love? A kiss, mommy

We have a three-year-old in the house, and I am loving this age for a lot of reasons. I am finding him so interesting to talk to as he will share the funniest little things about his life. which makes Tharin and I laugh all the time. I really need to be better at recording these things.

Jerome still loves playing cars, and will generally spend much of his day doing this. Lately, he has also been really interested in his phonics game and had such a blast playing it this morning. He is more engaged in art trays than ever before, and will tell funny little stories as he draws spiders on boats and whales swimming in water.

He has definitely entered a new, "I do it myself" stage, and wants to open doors, climb into his seat in the vehicle, and carry things for himself, more and more. 

As I feel his new sibling kicking away, I am often reminded of my first pregnancy, and of the little Jerome we had not gotten to know yet. It seems crazy to me when I see his big (size eleven already!) feet or am folding his big clothes, that he was my tiny 5 lb 10 oz newborn not so very long ago. I wrote about his birth story if you are interested in reading about this day three years ago! 

I am so thankful for my Jerome, and for the plan God had in sending him to us. It is exciting to think about all we will learn together as he grows, always blazing the trail for the rest of his siblings.

God bless,

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  1. I love what he wants to be when he grows up haha! Made me laugh :)