Monday, 13 November 2017

Preparing Our Montessori Infant Space

As our due date approaches, I have been feeling the push to get everything prepared for the arrival of our little one, and thought, for this Montessori Monday, I would share an update and some pictures of the Montessori-inspired infant space I have prepared. 

This is the designated movement area, where the baby will spend the most time working with the Montessori mobiles. I have a hook hung in this area, but will also have one hung above the cosleeper and in the living room where I spend time working with the other children. Montessorians believe in containing as little as possible, giving the infant freedom to move and discover their environment and bodies. 

The baby's mirror is not attached to the wall, so I will also move this if I feel it would be beneficial to have it positioned in other areas of the house as well. 

On the baby's shelf I currently have a few materials I think the boys will enjoy using the interact with the baby. A soft rattle, as well as the bell rattle. A wooden ring, and a little chicken lovey. There are also a few high contrast and soft books available, which I will prop up for the baby to observe.

Our Montessori-inspired Visual Mobiles 
Maria Montessori did not develop guidelines in particular for infants, but she believed in the value of respecting and nurturing the life of the mind from birth, and based on her research, Montessorians have since developed recommendations for the Montessori infant space. 

One of the most important parts of this Montessori infant space is the presence of the mobile, which serves as the child's first work. The visual mobiles were all specifically designed to meet developmental needs, such as concentration, depth perception, and vision. They also provide beauty, focus, and order to the environment, all of which are important in any Montessori prepared space. 

I love this post at How We Montessori  if you are interested in reading more about why Montessori believes in the importance of the mobile. 

The mobile frame hangs from a hook in the roof from a ribbon I sewed two metal rings onto. The frame itself is a very simple design, two pieces of dowel which I wrapped together with embroidery thread. On each end and the middle, I screwed in a little eye screw which is how I attach the mobile elements themselves. I will explain exactly how I do this later on.

Munari Mobile 

Here is my version of the first mobile offered in the Montessori mobile series, the Munari mobile. The original mobile is specifically hung on three different pieces of dowel all painted in contrast to each other, but I wanted to make just the one base for the visual mobiles, with the capability of changing out the mobile elements.

I printed off the images from the link I provided above and laminated them. They are hung with a loop of thread at different lengths, and I am quite happy with how it turned out.

Octahedron Mobile

The next mobile I will offer the baby is the Octahedron, which I created following the instructions at this link.

Gobbi Mobile

This mobile was definitely the one I struggled with making most of all and actually had made a green version months ago that I was really unhappy with. I ended up trying a different technique, developed on my own, which I was much happier with.

Most diy instructions online require you sew the thread through a hole you poke in the middle, but I found it was too difficult to make it look uniform this way. I ended up wrapping the embroidery string around my styrofoam ball, starting at each end so that it made a neat spiral which met in the middle. It is glued on with regular white glue, so I guess I will have to see how well it holds up. 

Again, this is my version of the mobile, and it is not exactly true to the original mobile which staggers the balls in a straight line, with the darkest-coloured ball measuring the longest and the lightest measuring the shortest. This is the only one I may decide to make a different hanger for, as I do like the look of the original better.

Butterfly Mobile

This is not an official Montessori mobile, but many Montessori families make similar mobiles. I was not intending to, but I ended up finding wall stickers at the Dollar store which I knew would work perfectly, and I am so happy with the dreamy end result.

It was a pretty simple process using the stickers, as I was able to just stick them on a piece of flexible cardboard and cut them out. I sewed a piece of thread through two places in each butterfly so they would hang in a balance and staggered them somewhat.

Bunny Mobile

I made this mobile when I was expecting Jerome and of course, had to pull it out for this baby. It is made by needle felting, which I am really terrible at, but I so love the airy quality of the end result. This is definitely the mobile which has been most exciting for Benedict, who has been checking out each of the mobiles as I hung them to take pictures.

Some sweet little details. I set up the movement area in the master bedroom opposite from where our bed is. We have an inordinately large master bedroom, so this works best for us, however, I am still undecided as to how we will transition the baby to a floor bed when it is time. The boys and I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, as this is where I do most of my writing, and they love to play with cars on my carpet or in my bed, so I thought it would be a good place for the baby to spend time with us.

We have two other bedrooms in this house, one of which is Jerome's and the other which functions as a guest room, as well as Benedict's. 

I wanted the mobile elements to be interchangeable on one base, as this felt more minimalist to me, and I thought it would be easier to keep them for the next baby this way. I got the idea from the design of the universal soother clip, which attaches to any kind of soother with a loop.

Each element of each mobile has a loop tied into the string which I thread through the eye screw and then around the mobile piece as you can kind of see in the bottom picture. When pulled tight, it creates a knot which is easy to untie when I want to change the mobile out. I hope that makes sense.

The mobile elements which are not currently in use will hang on these candle holders which are just beside the movement area.

For this baby, Tharin built a pine cosleeper which I absolutely love. Currently, our bed frame is broken, so the legs are not on the cosleeper, but it will elevate the baby to the same height as our mattress and make it night feeding so much easier. I have always slept with my babies in the bed with me, with a bassinet beside the bed for them to spend portions of their night in and I am excited to see how this new bed functions for us and our sleep habits.

I have been really trying not to announce the gender of the baby on the blog, otherwise I would post a picture of the drawers filled with all the little outfits and blankets, as I just cannot get over the sweetness. I guess I will have to save that for another day.

Thank you for reading!
Olivia Fischer


  1. The space and your mobiles look so beautiful! How exciting to be welcoming a new little one :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, we are very excited! This will be my first Montessori-from-birth infant, so it will be a brand new adventure! I am sure I will be checking out your blog archives from when James was smaller.

  2. Hi Olivia,
    I'm curious if you have a changing area or just going to use a mat on the bed/floor or what? I'm due in February and will be implementing some Montessori from birth too!

    1. That's so exciting, hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. Is this your first? We do changes for our toddler on the floor (he is one and a half and starting to learn to use the potty) and use a mat on the bed or the couch for our newborn.

  3. Thanks for your response! This is my third. I had twin boys first and didn't start implementing Montessori with them till around 2.5 years old. So this is my first from birth setting things up more Montessori. Not a Montessori purist but implement what I can for our family. Enjoying your blog!

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