Friday, 19 January 2018

Montessori Practical Life: Cutting an Avocado

For this Friday's practical life collection I thought I would share a simple, and favorite, activity Jerome likes to help with in the kitchen. This is as simple as practical life needs to be and it makes Jerome feel so purposeful.

Is it strange that my children are absolutely mad about avocado?

Just plain, old avocado, diced up and thrown on whatever they happen to be eating for that meal. Either way, I'll go with it.

{Retrieving all the necessary materials and taking off the sticker - not necessary, but challenging and fun, so of course, I did not stop him.}

{I cut the avocado in half as I do not feel he is quite ready for that level of difficulty, but he cuts the rest of it.}

{Peeling and removing the pit, his favorite part.}

{Dicing and arranging the avocado on their plates}

{Composting the rind and pit}

Did anyone notice Benedict getting closer and closer, and then hiding his face in the last picture? He wanted to eat it all before Jerome even got it on the plates. I realized, after looking at these pictures, that I need to start including him in more of what Jerome is doing. Obviously, he wants to be right in there.

Sometimes observation is after the fact, I'll be totally honest.

Hope you had a fantastic week and I thank you for following along with my new segment. For more of my practical life collections check out: Baking Biscuits | Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

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God bless,
Olivia Fischer

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