Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Starting off the New Year with One Word

Last year as the New Year rolled in, I prayed about a word that I discerned would represent my journey the year. I heard about this method of preparing for the New Year on a podcast, (which I cannot find, for the life of me, to link) but this is the origin of the one-word concept.

I personally really love the idea of focussing on a single word, instead of making myself an exhaustive list of resolutions as I am always tempted to do. In focussing on a single word, I feel it is easier to hone in on doing the next right thing day-to-day, which really appeals to me.

The word listen stood out to me. And I'll be honest, I completely forgot this had been my word for at least half of the past year, but despite this, it was a recurring theme.

  • Through our house not selling, despite my very loud prayers, we were called to listen to God's assurances that moving back was the best decision for us. 
  • Through my becoming pregnant with our third son before we had expected to be, we were called to listen to God's perfect timing.
  • Through Tharin breaking his leg, and me being pregnant, we were called to stillness, to sacrifices, to developing our ability to listen and accept the challenges given us. 

In 2017, I know I honed my listening skills for the promises which are to come, starting in 2018:

My Word For This Year

This year, as I was praying for a word that would guide me through twenty-eighteen, the word joy came to me. I asked for affirmation as I opened up my bible to Esther.

She glowed with the perfection of her beauty and her countenance was as joyous as it was lovely, though her heart was shrunk with fear. -Esther D:5
At the outset of this year, I have the impression that I will experience a lot which will scare me, a lot which will make me want to shrink back in fear.

My instinct will be to turn away.

But, my focus for this year will be to move forward in boldness, despite my fear. This boldness will mean embracing my personal incompetence and smallness, my humanity, in faith - with the promise that this movement will bring a joy I cannot expect or understand at this time. The joy of purpose.

Of course, I cannot predict what this will mean for me this year, but I know I will be continuing to learn about and implement Montessori in my home as a major focus, sharing our journey here on the blog.

Stay tuned for all I (and God) have planned for this year. Thank you so much for following along with me and my family as we explore Montessori, grow as a family, and seek the joy of purpose this year is to bring.

God bless,
Olivia Fischer

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