Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Some Simple Ways Help Your Child Learn to Speak Well

Have you ever thought about how remarkable the acquisition of language is? How complex it is for an adult to learn a new language, and even then, how impossible it is to master this new language?

To think that babies all over the world learn the language of their cultures and families, within the first three years of their lives, with a perfection and ease that can never be replicated.

A Living Environment for Language

We do not teach our babies language, but we can most definitely help the process along.

As with all areas of learning in the Montessori family, we can prepare the environment, so to speak, to help our babies in their natural conquest of language.

 The environment must be a living one, directed by a higher intelligence, arranged by an adult who is prepared for his mission. Maria Montessori

First and foremost, the environment is very naturally prepared for them already, simply because we are always talking around our babies.

But, what are some other ways we can prepare the environment:

- Talk slowly and with precise enunciation.

-Talk in short, clear sentences

- Narrate tasks as we complete them, especially if it involves care of the baby, such as a diaper change or bath

- Talk gently, as softer tones will be more appealing

- Talk in a regular tone, not in "baby talk", using correct terms, such as: Kitten instead of kitty-cat, or scrape instead of owie

- Read to them. Board books will be engaging with interesting pictures and simple words, especially if they have realistic pictures. I also begin reading longer books to my babies from quite a young age, and I try to include the baby when reading to my older children.

- Sing, say nursery rhymes or play music for them.

- Keep the baby "in-on-the-action". Being able to observe and absorb conversation and communication around them is so crucial for a good grasp of language, so have the baby at the table at mealtimes or in an inclined chair nearby while older siblings play.

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God bless,
Olivia Fischer

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