Tuesday, 13 June 2017

It Will Pass: Why Mothers Struggle To See the Big Picture

I was thinking this morning about how everything in life is passing. This motherhood gig is kind of a new thing, daily.

It has been for me, anyway.

This is true for the hard things, just as true as it is for the really beautiful things.

It All Will Pass

For months, Jerome would come straight to our bed in the morning to quietly snuggle before I finally dragged myself out of bed. At some point, he stopped coming. Babies, who seem to be endlessly and wonderfully little, are suddenly not so small anymore.

Crawling and babble and highchairs are fleeting.

Tantrum stages come and go with growth spurts and quality of sleep.

That bittersweet phase of nursing and diapers, both will pass. As will the days of my very young motherhood, for though I doubt I will ever be as wise as I hope to be, these days of being constantly unsure of myself will surely pass.

Most of all habits change, routines change, normal changes. The way we do mornings can be drastically different from month to month. My motivation level, how often we leave the house, how clean I keep the house, these things that can start to feel so permanent, shift with the seasons, with hormones, with sleep.

The Big Picture 

I want to say that there is some poignant lesson behind this post, but mostly I am just stating a fact that has been really apparent to me over the last weeks.

I want to say that I am determined to appreciate the good moments for how fleeting they are while being able to withstand the hard ones for the same reason. But honestly, while I have this determination today, I know there will come exhausted times, not-wanting-to-get-out-of-bed times, harder-to-pray times, where I will have to come around to this all over again.

While I am not necessarily okay with it, I have an inkling that this is the just the reality of me being human, especially in this monotonous, changing, growing, indescribably-important job of motherhood.

Motherhood isn't really about the big picture. Because if we could see the big picture, these passing moments wouldn't seem so impassable.

Motherhood is about all the small moments we trudge through, with a blind and sometimes reluctant faithfulness, toward an end that is forever out of sight even while it is always right before us.

All I can say is. love until it hurts, and then, by God, love some more.

Can we do any less?

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God bless,
Olivia Fischer


  1. I love this post Olivia. It is all so, so true.

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    1. That was me - Susan Prestash - I don't know how to not be unknown (there must be something profound in that...).