Wednesday, 28 June 2017

God Blesses the Thrift Shopper

A while ago, I was sitting with one of my auntie's and somehow the topic of thrift shopping came up. I began telling her about how I felt God sometimes lead me to find certain things I needed while thrift shopping, and I will always remember her response. She said, "you know, I think you're right, Olivia. I think God blesses the thrift shopper."

Maybe at the time, I thought this was kind of an odd thing to say, and an even odder one to believe, but as the past years have gone by with this idea always at the back of my mind, I have come to believe it to be true.

God has blessed me as a thrift shopper.

Thrift shopping takes patience, diligence, and it often requires you to settle for something just a little less than perfect. Honestly, I am fairly certain that thrift shopping is not for everyone because a lot of the time it would be easier to just shop online, or buy new. I also know that as with any time shopping is involved, you can go overboard with thrift shopping, and it can easily become an unhealthy way to support materialism.

But in moderation, and with legitimate needs in mind (okay, and sometimes not even then), I have experienced a lot of blessing in this area. 

The most recent experience I had of this was the last time I went thrift shopping. The night before I had spent hours online looking at Montessori baby toys, and had carts full on various different websites just waiting for me to check-out. Tharin and I try to keep a pretty tight budget though, and I was having a really hard time justifying these purchases, so I had taken a break.

Literally the next day at a random thrift store, I came across three of the very things I had placed in my virtual carts the night before. All for a dollar and fifty cents. As I returned to my car that day, my heart filled with wonder at this little provision of God in my life, I was brought to some important realisations.

Some of the baby toys I found that day, minus the skwish,
which I found at an even smaller and unlikely thrift store.
God has often blessed me through thrift shopping, but it is almost never with something as perfect as what I would have purchased new. I believe this is because God can bless me through this little material channel, but He is not material, and my real needs are not to have the perfect material items in my life. I believe He knows that these things can bring me little glimpses of His especial care and attention towards me, but He is careful not to allow me to get too caught up in the storing up of perfect material possessions.

These baby toys are not handmade, and they are not natural unpainted wood. They are not the certified Montessori baby toys you will see many Montessori bloggers using for their families, and I am surrendered to the fact that this is okay for my family.

Especially when I felt the tug on my heart to explore and implement Montessori with my family, the material wish-list was overwhelming, and I felt God gently reminding me that He had lead me to Montessori not for the things but for the ways it would affect my parenting and my children. Since then, I have really felt His providence, and have been continually reminded to trust Him to continue providing for our needs, little though they may sometimes be.

This may be a strange thing to post about, but that day, after finding those baby toys in a thrift store, I felt very strongly that this was something I needed to share. If you are also an avid thrift shopper, have you ever felt the presence of God in this avenue? And if not, are you willing to give it a chance?

As a follow-up to this post, I plan on writing about how thrift shopping and minimalism work together for me. Or how I am trying to make them work. Because, as you can imagine, it can be difficult not to bring too many items into our home when they feel so affordable. It is an important balance.

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This bassinet is the same one my mother-in-law used when my husband was a baby, and I plan on using it with our next baby. Pictured here are a few of the thrift store finds I have found in preparation for our new squish. This will be our first baby to be Montessori from birth, so I am getting rid of some of the things I used with the boys and opting for more natural options - hence the major nesting happening this time around. I have loved finding the swap & shop in our town, as it is that little extra push to purge some of the kid toys and clothes I was holding onto.


  1. This inspires me to start thrifting. You're totally right - it takes patience (which I am working on!). I love your reflections on how God is providing for you through it. I feel like this post is going to stick with me! I love it.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Riane! That is so cool to hear that it might stick with you, it has been such a beneficial thing for me to have in mind as well!