Friday, 2 February 2018

Montessori Practical Life: Making a Smoothie

A kitchen activity that Jerome helps with at least weekly is putting together a smoothie for the family to share. It is definitely one of the activities he loves to help most with in the kitchen, as he gets to eat berries while he works, and they both love the finished product. 

{Pouring in all the ingredients I had prepared for him - and tasting plenty along the way}

{Wiping his hands}

{The excitement of using the blender}

{Pouring the finished smoothie into cups for himself and his brother}

{Adding some Samuraw powder into his finished smoothie. 
We have been using Samuraw Nutrition Organic Complete in Jerome’s smoothies and fruit juice to provide him with an extra 24 nutrients per serving. 
It gives me great piece of mind knowing he is getting more of the nutrients he needs, and from such a transparent source. No added fillers, just the good stuff: 100% organic, real-food derived vitamins, minerals & probiotics. It isn't recommended for kids younger than Jerome, which is why we didn't just add it to the whole batch.}

{Enjoying the finished product, which of course means a messy face!}

There we have it, an easy, and fun, way to get your kids helping with breakfast.

Hope you had a fantastic week and I thank you for following along with my new segment. For more of my practical life collections check out: Baking Biscuits | Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice | Egg Salad Sandwiches

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God bless,
Olivia Fischer

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